Head & Shoulders
project name

Head & Shoulders

I didn’t know you had dandruff?

  • Client:

    Head & Shoulders / CP+B

  • Our Role:

    3D, Motion, Editing

Whilst working with CP+B they were approached by proctor and gamble to see what digital content they could come up. They gave us a 3D file from their packaging designers. We did the rest. After converting the packaging file to something Cinema could work with I set about texturing and lighting it.

Once the bottle was sorted I moved on to the water splashes. For this I used Next Limits Realflow, using the realwave elements for the gentle water ripples and the standard emitters for the splashes.

Having got everything behaving how I wanted I created shots following the storyboard provided. After some BIG rendersĀ  text and extra details were added in After Effects before editing in Premiere.