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Hi, I’m Ian and I am FeedMe Design. From a young age I have always been a tinkerer. Growing up I broke my Dad’s computer numerous times trying to find out how it worked and how to repair it. I have also always been a creative soul. At school I studied Design & Technology, Performing Arts and Media, whilst out of school I played in numerous bands once I got my first guitar for my 14th birthday.

I began to forge a career path when I landed my first job at the children’s television channel Fox Kids (now known as Disney XD) where not only did I develop a love for Marvel cartoons but received exposure to all different types of design. I dabbled in print, web and animation and enjoyed learning from some very talented individuals.

Fast forward a few jobs to the present and I am now a freelance animator/editor/designer allowing me to pull together these skills and interests and put them to use in effective and exciting ways. I love what I do and am always looking to learn new things that will make me love it more.


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If you like what you see and would like to get in touch please contact me on the details below

Post: 7 Becketts Close, Orpington, Kent, BR6 9QJ
Phone:  07595 597 105